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All newly admitted students in the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine are part of an innovative and comprehensive SBIRT training curriculum. It will teach medical and dental students the skills necessary to provide evidence-based screening and brief intervention and refer patients who are at risk for a substance use disorder to appropriate treatment. The curriculum provides a new focus on SBIRT training as an essential clinical skill that all students will garner during their training. Additionally, the training aims to develop physician and dentist leadership skills needed to champion the implementation of SBIRT throughout the United States healthcare system with the ultimate goal of helping clients avoid SUDs.


The students are being engaged in the SBIRT curriculum through the following methods:
  1. Educational didactics on the established SBIRT training curriculum
  2. Small group discussions of case examples utilizing SBIRT;
  3. Mock interviews of SBIRT in practice performed by students with standardized patients that are observed by supervisors providing real-time feedback
  4. Graded assessments of performance and acquisition of SBIRT knowledge
  5. Web-based tutorials